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I always tried to stay away from these fellows.  It isn't so much that they expel their odor when they are accidentally touched, but if you mash them, they are very odiferous!  Yuck!!!

It is interesting to note that they are, for the most part, herbivorous.  Their mouths are made to pierce and suck the juices from plants and fruits and vegetables.  Should you, by chance, be bitten by one, it will create some pain, but is not necessarily poisonous, or life threatening, but will be treated as just a bite.

Stink bugs are cold blooded, and, therefore, only mate during warm weather.  Their eggs resemble small pearl-like deposits on leaves of plants.  I have seen them, but didn’t know what insect had laid them.  They are laid adjacent to each other, but are not stacked.

Stink bugs have a shield shaped body with stink glands located on their abdomen and underneath their thorax.  The life phases of the stink bug seem to be the egg, nymphs, and various stages until adulthood.  This was a difficult portion to research and verify, but the nymphs seem to be young adults with no wings, and their continued growth to adulthood with wings.  Their coloration also varies through these stages.  The egg to adulthood can vary from one month up to one and one-half months, and sometimes longer, depending upon where they are geographically located.